Dead Relatives

In 2011 Myself and Philip Lumbang had a collaborative show at Black Book Gallery in Denver, Colorado titled: Dead Relatives.

Press Release Info:

Animals are our relatives. Dead Relatives is a special look at death, as a satire. Usually a taboo subject in many cultures, Mexican traditions revere death. Death is celebrated, it is humorous. The Day of the Dead (Dia De Los Muertos) patterns embodied by the endearing silhouettes of chosen animals set a cunning tone to the show. The styles of Ernesto Yerena and Philip Lumbang contrast and compliment. Whether the animal is mythological or culturally relevant, each animal carries a message that the artists would like for the audience to ponder. The dynamics of the artists collaboration result in striking imagery with two different styles working in perfect balance.

All canvases were created by Philip Lumbang and Ernesto Yerena in Los Angeles, CA circa 2011.  All canvases measure 20"x26".